Building Value

IndEU’s approach is to support its portfolio companies in implementing their development plans in India and in international markets

IndEU Capital sources and identifies growth stage investment opportunities proactively through its network of proprietary relationships and a combination of localised sector research and macroeconomic analysis. We target companies in which we are able to effectively use our expertise to add value.

An industrial vision and an hands-on approach for the high-end consumption market
We work closely with our investee companies on issues that are central to the growth of their business. We aim to be a capital partner who will provide objective guidance while not directly interfering in the daily operations of our investee companies.

Our investment thesis is underpinned by assisting entrepreneurs with building a management and operational platform that allows them the freedom to achieve the growth scale they need to fulfil their vision.

Building Brand Equity and Implementing a successful distribution network

Specifically, IndEU Capital will spend significant time with each portfolio company to continuously provide guidance on strategy and on operations:

Main guidance on strategy

  • Marketing, Branding, Advertising, PR
  • International Expansion and Licensing
  • Strategic planning

Main guidance on operation

  • Store development
  • Product development
  • Supply chain, logistics and Inventory

In addition to the guidance on strategy and operation, the team will be able to support companies’ evolution as an active shareholder operating in the following areas:

Attraction of quality talent

The success of an organization lies primarily in its management team. IndEu Capital assists in selecting the "right person for the right job" relying on an extensive network of relationships in industry along with its unique experience and judgment.

Creation of systems and processes

Efficient organizations let managers focus more time on business development and less on administration, which once set in the initial stages works on its own with little input. IndEU assists in selecting systems for finance, marketing, information technology, and human resources with high quality service providers.

Financial discipline

IndEU team has the right experience and discipline to strengthen the financial structure as well as introduce and monitor operating controls. IndEu insists upon the highest standard of reporting and corporate governance.

Sourcing capital and access to financial institutions

IndEU through its network of connections with leading financial institutions in India/Asia and Europe, ensures that adequate capital (debt & equity) is available to their portfolio companies at the right cost and mix.

IndEU Capital is committed to using its significant global resources to drive shareholder value within our investee companies by providing assistance spanning strategic areas of sourcing new customers to operational issues such as human resource management. Our aim is to be a resourceful, attentive and an always available partner to the companies in which we invest.